Real Estate Negotiation Expert


Realors encounter a myriad of people, personalities and situations with adverse and competing objectives of the parties. These challenges include negotiating on pricing, timing and contingencies pre-contract to appraisals and inspections while clients are under contract and the stakes are high.  To overcome potential challenges that may arise in a real estate transaction, you need a qualified and experienced negotiator on your side.  

With a Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) certification conferred by the Real Estate Business Institute and recognized by the National Association of Realtors, I have been trained and demonstrated the skills required to successfully navigate these issues on behalf of and in the best interest of my clients.

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If you end up in a transaction having to deal with a challenging buyer or seller where a difficult situation arises, you'll want to have a skilled negotiator representing your interests to secure the best possible outcome.  As a Realtor, finding a home for buyers or marketing a seller's listing is the smallest part of my job which requires the least amount of experience and skill.  In addition to managing a complicated, and emotional process, I am trained in negotiating solid contracts and preventing potential fall-thrus caused by low appraisals, inspections and other issues.  That is the benefit of professional experience.